US Continental Packaging

Liquid Filling

U.S. Continental can fill containers of all viscosities from 1/8th of an ounce to 1 gallon on our high speed equipment. We can also provide toll manufacturing and filling of 5gl to bulk shipments.

Flammable Filling

U.S. Continental prides itself on being one of the few packagers in California permitted to fill flammable and combustible products. Our state of the art facility insures low costs in the safest manner possible.


U.S. Continental has the abilities to label bottles both front and back and wrap around labels to accommodate any size of bottles.

Drop Shipping

U.S. Continental can produce orders to exact specifications and ship them anywhere in the world. Customers can simply submit orders & instructions and U.S. Continental will handle the rest.

Pick and Pack

If you have 1 to 1,000 stores to stock then U.S. Continental can help. We can store your stock and ship it anywhere. Our staff will quickly & accurately pick and pack orders for shipment, to any number of retail and distribution center locations.

Tube Filling

U.S. Continental has the ability to fill any size tube from a 1oz and up.


U.S. Continental is capable of any size of assemblies from small kits to full sized point of sale displays. USC Pack specializes in the development of the kits through our many years of expertise and can work with our customers in the beginning stages of their projects. USC Pack specializes in variety pack assemblies and these can be incorporated into our high speed shrink wrapping and bundle wrapping machines.

Shrink Wrapping

U.S. Continental has the ability to Shrink Wrap any size of product. Using Shrink Wrap Film of the highest quality and clarity, USC Pack can put Shrink Wrap in a totally enclosed package that will show off a products finest points.

Bundle Wrapping

Bundle wrapping, or "bulls eye" wrapping is an excellent alternative to shrink wrapping. Our high speed equipment will do both clear, and print registered films. With years of experience, let us assist you with the club store orders.