Premium Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Design Services

Outstanding quality and innovative designs make our contract manufacturing services a cut above the rest. At U.S. Continental Packaging, we always go above and beyond to deliver truly exceptional packaging design services that elevate your brand and keep your customers engaged.

Innovative Packaging

The packaging you use directly affects how your company is viewed. That’s why we always use premium quality materials to ensure successful results for your brand. All raw materials are thoroughly inspected prior to use, and we use analytical testing to ensure that our packaging will consistently surpass the high expectations of our clients.

Environmentally Responsible

We remain committed to responsible environmental practices. We utilize biodegradable materials whenever possible, and we take steps to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing emissions and recycling. At U.S. Continental, we believe that a sustainable future and profitable one aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why our packaging design services combine eco-friendly practices with creative designs and top-quality materials.

Technical Expertise

Our proficiency and innovation are second to none. We offer an extensive range of services, and our experts are able to adapt to the unique needs of our diverse client roster. Our turnkey approach is convenient and straightforward, and our world-class facilities and equipment ensure optimal results every time.

Superior Quality Management  

U.S. Continental Packaging is a certified ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2004 firm. These designations are used by the International Organization for Standardization and we’re proud to align our services with ISO standards for superior quality management, customer focus, and continual improvement.

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