Commercial Formula Development

With nearly 30 years of expertise in research and development, U.S. Continental Packaging is fully equipped to meet your company’s needs for commercial formula development. From flammable formulas to comprehensive testing, we offer an extensive variety of professional services.

Our chemists are capable of developing many unique formulas to meet a wide range of diverse applications and our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory allows our clients to be engaged in the formulation and developmental processes. We also retain samples from each batch for two years, allowing you to review sample data from our archive.

Guaranteed Quality

We always go above and beyond to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. All raw materials are rigorously inspected, and we perform analytical testing and online inspection to further guarantee successful results.

Our commercial formula development team has the technical knowledge and first-hand experience to create world-class formulas that give your company the competitive edge.

Environmentally Friendly Formulas

At U.S. Continental Packaging, we recognize the importance of utilizing green technologies whenever possible. We work hard to better the environment by recycling, reducing emissions, and formulating cutting-edge biodegradable products.

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Our world-class chemists can help contribute to your brand’s growth. To learn more about our commercial formula development services, please contact us by phone at 951.808.8888 or email us at

The right formula can put your company on the fast track to success. Partner with US Continental Packaging to elevate your brand and help your company reach its full potential.

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