Commercial Formula Testing

U.S. Continental Packaging provides unlimited capacity and flexibility for formula testing and product development to ensure only the highest quality care products for your brand. Whether you require ground-up product formulation or improvement of existing products, our commercial formula testing process is designed to ensure innovative and high-performance formulations for your products.

Professional Formula Testing

As a cornerstone of the services that we offer, our formula development and testing facility utilizes the latest formula testing equipment and technology to ensure complete analysis including video results upon request. Our team delivers in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of countless care product ingredients used across a variety of industries.

We’ve worked with numerous brands to help refine their care products and solutions, with each formula getting personalized attention from an experienced laboratory expert and quality-control team to ensure success. We collaborate with our clients to obtain the desired results for their products while meeting industry compliance requirements.

Partner With Us

At U.S. Continental Packaging, we understand the challenging demands placed on care product manufacturers and the need to deliver safe and effective products to the market. Partner with us and enjoy professional commercial formula testing for your care products. Our streamlined formula testing workflows adapt and scale to your unique product requirements. Our solutions are designed to provide reliable testing results with superior speed and specificity.

With our reliable, fast and easily implemented testing workflows, and our globally-recognized service and support, we can help your brand minimize risks, reduce costly false positives and inventory holds and maximize your competitive edge.

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