Retained Samples For Leather, Furniture, & Shoe Care

Whether your company needs a unique formula, packaging, or quality control testing, our experienced experts are available to assist you. We store all data from each batch for two years, so you can request samples or review data as needed.

With our retained samples, shoe care innovation becomes much more intuitive and effective, facilitating the development of new and improved products.

Why We Retain Samples

When you have retained samples, care products can be improved upon as needed. For example, if your company sells a care product for leather shoes, you may want to also offer a product for suede shoes. Rather than starting from scratch, you can use retained samples shoe care data as a starting point. Or, if you notice inconsistencies in your products, you can reference an earlier batch to pinpoint changes.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our knowledgeable experts are here to make your experience as streamlined and easy as possible. We offer an extensive range of services, including custom formula development, quality control testing, retained samples, care products, and much more.

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For more information, please email our helpful team at With retained samples shoe care data at your fingertips, planning and implementing new products while ensuring the consistency of current ones becomes a straightforward and cost-efficient process. Contact U.S. Continental Packaging today.

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