Tube Filling

U.S. Continental Packaging is an industry leader in innovative solutions and services. If you’re looking for tube filling packaging services, we’re here to help you. We provide our clients with different categories of liquid tube filling solutions: from gram weight pillow packs to large tubes.  We can accommodate all viscosities from water to grease.

Whether you’re looking for reliable packaging for care products like shoe polish or car wax, we are your number one liquid packaging provider. We have a selection of quality filling and sealing machines to suit your different packaging needs.

Flexibility With Easy Changeover

Our liquid filling machines can easily fill metal, plastic and laminate tubes with a wide range of liquid products that vary in consistency. From highly-viscous pastes to water-thin liquids, our range of tube filling systems can accommodate tubes from 3g  to .5 liter and provide multiple sealing options to suit your packaging requirements.

If you’re not sure about what will work best for your packaging needs, our experts at U.S. Continental Packaging will be glad to help you find the best filling solutions.

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Looking for a one-stop product care and packaging company? We have invested in state-of-the-art machines that enable us to meet customer needs much faster. With our expertise, integrated services, and a wide range of packaging equipment, you can expect us to deliver excellent solutions for your liquid product packaging needs.

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