EDI Capable Warehouse Solutions

Working with different vendors, suppliers, and trading partners can be challenging without the proper capabilities to streamline transactions and processes. At U.S. Continental Packaging, we understand the importance of streamlined document exchange in warehouse operations. Our warehouse solutions are fully Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable, allowing us to automate transactions and improve efficiency for your brand.

Reliable EDI Solutions for Your Business

If you contract with us and utilize our warehouse services using EDI, we offer a simplified process that ensures everything is handled smoothly, including EDI implementation, software integration with your existing business systems, and communication to determine how your EDI documents can be exchanged.  

Throughout each step of the process, we work with you to develop the best warehouse packaging solutions that meet your requirements. Get complete control of your warehouse data using our EDI capable solutions that allow you to access different types of data instantly.

Enjoy Seamless Integration

U.S. Continental provides an all-in-one warehouse solution to logging, reporting and data collection, no matter what type of data you need. We make your work easier by providing reliable and quality EDI capabilities that guarantee:

  • Completely paperless warehouse data exchange
  • Warehouse inventory and order data accuracy and integrity
  • Major time and cost reduction

If you’re looking for EDI capable warehouse solutions or want to discuss how you can start doing EDI, don’t hesitate to talk to us at U.S. Continental.   

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