Shrink Wrapping Services

U.S. Continental Packaging offers high-quality shrink wrapping services for retail product packaging. Thanks to our continued investment in the most innovative, automated shrink wrapping equipment and highly skilled and dedicated team of experts and support staff, we have the capacity to meet your unique product packaging needs.

Whether you want to present retail products in an appealing, tamper-resistant manner or offer promotional items in shrink packaging, we have different types of shrink films to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our shrink wrapping uses only the highest-quality films that meet and exceed all industry-specific standards. We provide you with completely retail-ready shrink wrap film packages. Worried about beating product targets? We feature high-speed shrink wrap lines ready to run your packages. You can be sure that we’re well equipped to handle even the most challenging shrink wrapping assignment as well as extra-long product lengths.

We provide our customers with low-unit cost services and different options like semi-automatic and high-speed automatic wrappers to suit their packaging needs. Protect and clearly display your retail products with our superior contract shrink wrapping services.

Discuss Your Packaging Needs With Us

When it comes to single or multi-pack shrink wrapping, you can count on our industrial-strength shrink wrapping solutions to meet your packaging or quantity-limited retail promotional needs. Dealing with rough edges, irregular shapes or heavy items? No problem. Our shrink wraps are designed to meet even the most demanding packaging needs.

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